Chilled Laboratory Incubators

Chilling & Cooling Lab Incubator –

Manufactured to the highest specification using energy efficient advanced Peltier solid-state electronic cooling system with digital PID control.

Chilled Laboratory Incubator.

Chilled Laboratory Incubator.

All our chilled models in this range can heat as well as cool, are CFC-free and very energy-efficient. All models include a digital controller and an overheat safety thermostat. They are virtually silent and vibration-free; essential for a quieter and noise-free environment, and are a good all round cost effective and ideal option.

Extra Options include:

  • Chart recorder
  • data output
  • Internal power sockets etc.

We can also easily custom build these chilled incubators to meet customer requirements. 

For specifications – Download our Brochure: ICON-Brochure