Discover: Our popular GPME Range

Popular for good reason!

Enhance Your Oven’s Performance with Optional Extraction Units

Discover the versatility of our GP, HDV, and HDH models by equipping them with a fan-assisted extraction unit (ref /ME). Elevate the efficiency of moisture and noxious non-flammable fume or vapor removal. While commonly ordered alongside the main oven, the extraction unit can seamlessly be installed at a later date. Whether you have a compact 50-liter GP bench-top model or one of our expansive HD ovens, this enhancement is adaptable to your needs. It’s important to note that opting for faster air extract rates may impact oven temperature stability.

Ideal for On-Site Laboratories and Soils/Aggregate Testing

Explore the soil drying versions of our ovens, boasting a maximum temperature of 150°C and compliance with BS1377 standards. Tailored for on-site laboratories and general soils/aggregate testing, these ovens are perfect for drying biological samples or slurries. Upgrade your laboratory equipment with this versatile solution for enhanced performance and efficiency.

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