Do You Require Thermoforming Ovens in Leicester

Do You Require Thermoforming Ovens in Leicester? We get many enquiries from a wide sector of businesses about our range of rapid heating drum warming ovens, which we are naturally happy to answer!

We have a substantial range of manufactured ovens that provide a perfect solution, all designed and built on site and distributed throughout Leicester and beyond. Thermoforming ovens can be used for a variety of materials – composite, thermoplastics, wood- that are essential in many industries like  confectionary and pharmaceutical.

As a company, we have many years’ experience within the engineering industry, gaining an excellent reputation for the design and manufacture of quality products to sell to direct users. Since our inception over 10 years ago, we have positioned ourselves as a leading oven specialist- with new and existing customers enjoying a comprehensive service that won’t let them down.

For any company who require thermoforming ovens in Leicester, we have a team of dedicated professionals who can talk through your specific requirements, talking through any technical questions – ensuring you get the most from our customer service.

Call Jim Engineering on 01744 322 377 and we will deal with your enquiry.