Drying Cabinets in Huddersfield

We deliver Drying Cabinets In Huddersfield to various businesses, manufacturing DC Drying, slide and wig drying models that can be benched or wall mounted.

Whether its for general purpose warming applications or for drying glassware and instruments our manufactured appliances can stand up to the most intense day to day use, designed with adjustable temperature controls and a single sheet finish.

In Huddersfield we’ve sold drying cabinets to sectors that include pharmaceutical , hospitals, schools, universities and theatrical establishments.

Drawing upon our wealth of knowledge and experience our founder Jason O’Neill oversees all oversees all projects for clients requiring custom-built units for any specific requirements a customer may have.

As a mechanical engineer he understands the processes and utilises his expertise on designing and manufacturing products under the name of Jim Engineering Ltd.

Delivering on our promises is just one reason why we are looked upon as a leader in the market. Its imperative that every single project we undertake is dealt with promptly and professionally to build long-lasting relationships in the process.

Call now to discuss your requirements for drying cabinets in Huddersfield on 01744 322 377.