Dual Range Incubator/Oven

Laboratory Incubator Oven – Dual Purpose Use

Manufactured with economy and a dual function range in mind. These units are ideally suited to laboratories wanting an incubator and an oven in one convenient cabinet. These can be used as a general purpose incubator, yet at the flick of a switch can be used as either a 250°C oven or sterilizer making it the obvious cost-effective solution for many laboratories.

Dual Purpose Incubator Oven.

Dual Purpose Incubator Oven.

There are 12 models in this range to choose from in capacities ranging  from 30 litres to 350 litres.

Optional/Extras: Can be fitted with: 

  • Digital controller, and/or a run back timer
  • Stainless steel chamber
  • PID  Digital control & readout (DIG)
  • Dial thermometer readout
  • Programmable timers.