Enquiring About Laboratory Ovens In Brighton

If your company or you as an individual are Enquiring About Laboratory Ovens In Brighton then its good to know there is a supplier with an impressive range of ovens designed and built at their on site factory.

The company: Jim Engineering Ltd. A company that risen to become one of the leading manufacturers of standard, bespoke and industrial ovens for all market sectors.

They have distributed to the Brighton area to customers who require laboratory ovens. Whether its their moisture extraction, sterilizing, wax oven, dual or general purpose ovens- bespoke can be made to order-Jim Engineering can provide the right solution for your needs.

All laboratory ovens are made to the exact specifications and requirements a customer requires. Lead times are discussed and then once the manufacture has been completed and delivered forthwith.

Once distribution has been made, Jim Engineering ensure long lasting relationships with all customers by providing vital full technical support on all products as well as showcasing a refurbishment, repair and maintenance service that has been very well received over the years.

For more information and to speak to one of the Jim Engineering team call now on 01744 322 377.