Laboratory Oven Servicing in Liverpool

Does your business require Laboratory Oven Servicing In Liverpool from a tried and trusted company who not only specialise in designing and manufacturing lab ovens but also the comprehensive servicing of them? If this is the case, then you have the perfect solution to your needs at Jim Engineering Ltd.

Established over 10 years ago, Jim Engineering Ltd are based in St Helens and have been providing their service to a number of business sectors both in Merseyside and throughout the UK.

In the city of Liverpool, there are many sectors that use laboratory ovens in their day to day work- pharmaceutical, food, medical, education etc- so their is demand for not only quality made laboratory ovens but also oven servicing to maintain output.

Jim Engineering Ltd can accommodate your business by servicing your equipment either on site or at their impressive factory location. Offering regular refurbishment, repair and maintenance of all laboratory oven models, they also stock replacement parts- or can source easily- so their is minimal disruption and inconvenience on your behalf.

When it comes to laboratory oven servicing in Liverpool, you can count on Jim Engineering Ltd to meet and surpass your expectations every time!

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