Laboratory Oven Servicing in Middlesbrough

At Jim Engineering Ltd We provide comprehensive Laboratory Oven Servicing In Middlesbrough, that meets and surpasses your requirements.

Our talented and experienced team of engineers can solve any problem when it comes to servicing any of our models, giving the customer total peace of mind in the process.

In Middlesbrough we have sold to a variety of end users and subsequently provided laboratory oven servicing either on site or at our headquarters in St Helens. With many years’ experience our refurb, repair and maintenance service is second to none.

Laboratory Oven Servicing in Middlesbrough is vital to ensure the optimal output and efficiency of your particular product. Without regular servicing you could find your product breaking down permanently, a cost implication that no one wants!

Jim Engineering Ltd have all the necessary spare parts for all their products, able to use their technical know how and expertise, thus providing a speedy and thorough service.

Whether its on a 3, 6 or 12 month basis, laboratory oven servicing in Middlesbrough is an integral part of quality assurance, keeping your products in optimal working order at all times.

Call now if you would like to book your laboratory oven in for a service or discuss a particular problem you may have.