Laboratory Oven Spare Parts in Manchester

Looking for Laboratory Oven Spare Parts in Manchester ? At Jim Engineering you’ll find the right solution from a company that has been at the forefront of designing and manufacturing quality laboratory ovens for a range of uses throughout the UK and worldwide.

Our location is within an hour of Manchester, so we can accommodate either at our factory premises for laboratory oven spare parts or we will gladly send out what you need in a prompt and efficient manner.

Not only do we stock a substantial range of ovens to suit our clients’ needs in their respective sectors, we also stock replacements parts for very model we manufacture.

In Manchester we have built up long-standing relationships with clients, who rely on our expertise and knowledge when it comes to laboratory oven spare parts for refurbishment, repair and maintenance.

We strive to give our clients total peace of mind when it comes to our after sales service. Our highly trained engineers are on hand for any technical issues as well as fixing and replacing spare parts for a particular model.

Get in touch and speak to one of our team for the very best in technical support and range of spare parts to keep your oven in good, serviceable condition. Call now on 01744 322 377.