Manufactured Drying Cabinets in Southampton

For Manufactured Drying Cabinets in Southampton speak to the specialists at Jim Engineering Ltd- a leader in the design and manufacture of products for a wide range of sectors.

Jim Engineering have a substantial range of drying cabinets to choose from, all produced to the highest specification.

For the medical sector they produce ‘slide drying cabinets’ that are ideal for drying microscopic slides,  temperature sensitive items they have a range of DC Drying Cabinets while their wig drying cabinets have been used extensively in London’s West End!

Essentially drying cabinets are universally used- emergency services, airports, medical, armed forces etc- so they are a popular acquisition that Jim Engineering receive regular enquiries about.

In Southampton, Jim Engineering have dealt with new and existing customers  who require quick turnarounds for manufacture and distribution of drying cabinets, relying on Jim Engineering’s proven track record for production within an agreed time limit.

Custom building to clients’ specific needs has seen Jim Engineering become a ‘go to’ solution for many end user companies throughout the UK.

With a team of highly dedicated and experienced professionals working from their headquarters in St Helens, Merseyside, you can count on the very best manufactured drying cabinets in Southampton.