Bespoke Incubators

Bespoke Custom Build Incubators for Industry, max 100°C

Recently we were asked to manufacture a special curing cabinet for use in making medical catheters with external electrode rings that, when connected to the main control system, can reinstate a regular heart beat.

A major international pharmaceutical manufacturer required a high accuracy, high capacity incubator and came to JIM Engineering for advice. The control system included a multi-channel chart recorder so that several areas within the incubator space could be monitored simultaneously. Construction was entirely of 316 grade stainless steel and the cabinet was fitted with wheels so that it could be moved when the clean room area was having one of its regular deep cleans.

Clean Room Incubator for curing electrodes
Pass through clean room bespoke lab incubator
clean room lab incubator with special racking

Another UK pharmaceutical company was building a new suite of clean rooms in their production area. Part of the production process required the product to be incubated for a while between two production stages. The simple answer was to fit pass-through incubators in the wall between the two clean room areas so as to minimise product handling. Electronic door interlocks were fitted to prevent both doors from being open at the same time. Indicator lights on both sides showed which door could be opened next. This maintained the differential air pressures between the rooms just like pass-through hatches.

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