Bespoke Laboratory Ovens

Bespoke Custom Build Heavy Duty Industrial Ovens

We manufactured a special oven for the National Composites Centre for use in their UK research facility. As it is being used by several different research groups it had to be flexible in use to be able to offer stable curing conditions.
A UK company at the forefront of automotive and aerospace technology and specialising in electric motor design needed a special oven to research and test the performance under different temperature conditions. This oven, nicknamed the cheese oven, has a sloping front with a temperature-controlled release function to enable easy fitting and removal of the motors.
Electric wedge shaped oven for motor development
Industrial passthrough ovens
High capacity mandrel warming ovens
Aerospace curing ovens made in britain

Non-destructive testing (NDT) is very important in proving that castings have no hair-line cracks that are invisible to the naked eye. NDT testing using the fluorescent dye method is fast and inexpensive. The washed parts have to be dried as part of the procedure but heavy components must be moved with great care. Roller beds are used so that manual lifting is eliminated and a pass-through oven is placed within the track. A door to each side allows the wet parts to be rolled into the oven, dried and them moved with ease to the next part of the NDT process. The one shown here had doors raised on pulleys, but hydraulic door opening is also an option.

Hot mandrels are widely used in industrial composite fabrication such as in filament winding. Resin-impregnated filaments are wound around a mandrel to create a composite part. The structure is cured and the mandrel is removed. Most types of mandrel can be used repeatedly. Mandrels are used in many other industries as well.

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