Require Laboratory Oven Servicing In Oxford

If you Require Laboratory Oven Servicing In Oxford for your existing product, speak to the specialists at Jim Engineering Ltd.

Whether you purchased your product from us or elsewhere, we are able to refurbish/service all makes and models while stocking a substantial amount of replacement parts so you don’t need to frantically search!

Our expertise and professionalism has seen us become one of the leading manufacturers/stockists of industrial, bespoke and standard laboratory ovens in the UK, meeting demand and always providing quality service.

In Oxford, we provide our laboratory oven servicing to a wide variety of industry sectors – pharmaceutical, medical, industrial, research, educational and so on- so we have the experience and knowledge to deal with any enquiry.

If you are running to strict timelines, we can accommodate. Part of our success is our distribution network, able to not only service your product ‘on site’ but also at our headquarters in St Helens, giving you the customer the choice to suit your specific needs.

Call us now if you require laboratory oven servicing in Oxford on 01744 322 377.