Spare Parts

Spare parts & accessories for our range of Lab Ovens, Incubators & Drying cabinets

Fume & Moisture Extraction Units

These can be fitted to almost any of our incubators and ovens, either during manufacture or by the user at a later date. The manual damper is used to vary the extraction rate. Remember that extraction of hot air may affect the temperature performance of the incubator or oven.

Moisture extractor for lab ovens and incubators
moisture extractor for incubators and drying cabinets

Stands & Trolleys

Stands and trolleys are usually made specifically for a certain size of cabinet. However we can make them any size, with adjustable levelling feet or lockable wheels.

Bespoke stand for lab ovens incubators and drying cabinets
bespoke stands for lab ovens made in britain
Bespoke stand with castor wheels for incubators, drying cabinets and lab ovens


We can provide a range of controllers to supplement our bespoke or pre-made range of Lab Ovens, Incubators & Drying Cabinets.

K49T1 controller
  • K49T-HEOR-UK
    • A 1 programme with 4 steps
    • B 4 preset temperatures only (manual time)


  • K49P-HEOR-UK
    • A 1 programme with 8 steps
    • B Timer + 4 segment programmer
KM3 controller
    • A Timer + 4 segment programmer
  • KM3P-HCRR-D Dynamic display
    • A Timer + 8 segment programmer
  • KM5P Dynamic display
    • A Timer + 8 programmes @ 12 segments
cal9500p controller
  • CAL9500P
    • A 6 programmes, each 21 segment
    • B 31 programmes, each 4 segment
Eurotherm nanodac controller
  • Nanodac
    • 4 channels, programmable, chart recorder,
    • Data store with USB or ethernet connectivity