The Best Wax Drying Ovens In London

For The Best Drying Ovens In London its good to know there is a manufacturer that has consistently produced quality standard, bespoke and industrial ovens. Their name: Jim Engineering Ltd.

Combining a wealth of experience with forward thinking technological advances, the team at Jim Engineering have built up a large customer base, producing and extensive range of products in any capacity and size for a increasingly demanding market.

In London, Jim Engineering Ltd receive enquiries-in particular- from universities, institutions and hospitals for wax drying ovens used to melt and maintain wax for the purpose of histology ( study of microscopic anatomy in cells, tissues of plants and animals)

Jim Engineering melting cabinets – or wax ovens as they are also known by- come with standard specifications and are adaptable to optional extras.

The team at Jim Engineering use their extensive knowledge and expertise to design and manufacture robust products that are able to stand up to temperature ranges associated with industrial, research and development.

Whatever specific requirements you or your company require, Jim Engineering can tailor their service to those needs, delivering first class customer service and highly competitive prices.

Call now on 01744 322 377 to discuss wax drying ovens in London with one of the team .