Warming Ovens for Plastics Sheets

This range of ovens is designed for warming or softening thermoplastic sheets that are then used for vacuum forming or similar processes.


* Temperature range: 40°C to 250°C

* Repeatable run conditions

* 3 year warranty

* Standard and bespoke sizes

The range includes bench top and floor standing models as well as bespoke designed ovens like the one shown here on its own stand. If required a fume extract unit can be fitted.

plastic sheet warming oven

These ovens are manufactured with a powder coated exterior and either aluminium coated steel or stainless steel interior.

Heavy duty shelves are supplied.

The control system uses a PID digital dual display controller that shows both set and measured chamber temperatures. An over temperature safety cut out is also fitted. A timer can be fitted as well as visual and audible notification of the end of the warming period. Programmable microprocessor controllers can also be fitted.

To eliminate the possibility of hot or cold spots the forced air circulation is vertical in the chamber (not cross flow).