Wax Drying Ovens In Kilmarnock

We have the capabilities to design bespoke or standard Wax Drying Ovens In Kilmarnock for a variety of industries who use this type of oven/cabinet in the day to day use.

Our DC Drying Cabinets for instance come in 6 forms- 3 floor standing, 3 bench models- encompassing a large litre capacity range. Coming with standard equipment such as adjustable shelves, temperature range and all CE Compliant.

We receive enquiries in Kilmarnock and other parts of Scotland for wax drying ovens from a wide range of business sectors that include the emergency services, aviation. medical and industrial, who all require these applications in their day to day work.

Our strength is the knowledge of the industry, coupled with our product expertise, designing and manufacturing on site and distributing throughout the United Kingdom.

Feel free to discuss with one of our expert team members what you require, and we will guarantee a comprehensive service that can’t be beaten.

Call now on 01744 322 377 to discuss wax drying ovens in Kilmarnock.