Wax Drying Ovens In Watford

Wax Drying Ovens In Watford are produced by one of the leading manufacturers and distributors of a range of ovens for various sectors: Jim Engineering Ltd.

Producing a substantial range of standard, industrial and bespoke laboratory ovens, Jim Engineering have been recognised as a ‘ go to’ manufacturer for quality made products in the UK.

A great deal of enquiries come from universities, hospitals and industry who require wax drying ovens for a range of items that can include glassware and instruments.

Robust- maximum temperature of Jim Engineering’s wax cabinets is 100 degrees- they come with adjustable shelves, a capacity range between 30 and 150 litres, calibrated dial thermostat, aluminium clad steel chamber plus more features as standard.

In Watford, Jim Engineering Ltd have worked with businesses who require their expertise and manufacturing know how to deliver high standard wax drying ovens that will stand the test of everyday use in any environment.

Whatever your requirements may be for wax drying ovens in Watford, why not call now and speak to one of their dedicated and knowledgeable team members who will gladly talk through your requirements.

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