Wax Melting Laboratory Oven/Incubator

Lab oven incubator for melting wax.

Offers accuracy, control, and safety, for the purpose of melting and maintaining molten wax for histology purposes, etc. It comes with a dial or digital controller and internal fan circulation. Including a safety thermostat and drip tray and wire shelves are standard

Wax Melting Oven. 50 Litres.

Wax Melting Oven. 50 Litres.


Standard features:

  • Temperature range: Approx 8 above ambient to + 100°C
  •  Stainless steel interior
  • Sealed chamber with drip tray
  • Direct hydraulic thermostat with fluctuation of +/-0.75°C
  • Safety thermostat with indicator.

Optional extras:

  • Dial temperature readout
  • Various timers (not available on 30 litre model)
  • Left-hand hinged door
  • Higher temperature option for industrial waxes.

Download our brochure for more specifications: ICON-Brochure