We Offer Curing Ovens In Barnsley

We Offer Curing Ovens In Barnsley custom made to order for the curing of composite materials in a wide range of sectors that include pharmaceutical, aerospace, ceramics, power and plastics.

Our curing ovens are designed to improve the strength and durability of a material by elevating the temperature to within or above a specific limit. Use to engineer raw materials such as synthetic adhesives, rubbers and polymers.

At Jim Engineering Ltd, we have distributed throughout Yorkshire and that includes Barnsley for companies that require our range of curing ovens. Repeat business is one of our strengths and testament to the way we form relationships with our customers who gain total peace of mind they are in safe hands with us.

In addition to our impressive range of  standard, industrial and custom built ovens with manufacture, we also offer first class technical support plus a maintenance, repair and refurbish service that can be carried out in any location by our team of dedicated and highly skilled technicians.

We are still working at maximum output- despite Covid- so are happy to discuss your specific requirements.

Drop us a line on 01744 322 377 now.