Take a look: Our latest bespoke Wig Drying Cabinet

wig drying cabinet

Made for Theatres & Arts

Model No : DC-300-WIG
Capacity : 9 head blocks [300 Litres]
Shelves : 3
Size : 965H x 583W x 610D [External]
: 865H x 581W x 600D [Internal]

Designed with the arts in mind, these wig drying cabinets are tailored to your individual needs. These can be made with 4 shelves at a maximum height of 1650mm with a maximum capacity of 1300 litres. Optional extras include lockable wheels, top or side controls, insulated walls and hangers for hair extensions.

If you are interested in sourcing a wig drying cabinet from us then please feel free to contact us here or alternatively use our contact form for a quotation.